Alexandre Bujan

After studying at the Head of Geneva, Alexandre first became passionate about sculpture. Eager for discoveries, he uses very wide varieties of techniques and materials in search of a constant aesthetic. He gradually feels the need to animate his works, water then becomes obvious. His creations come to life, come alive, evolve and symbolize perpetual movement, the passage of time, life! Water becomes paramount. The sculpture gives him his place and offers him a setting worthy of his value. The artist’s works are refined and minimalized in search of the perfect balance. The object fades in favor of water to let emerge its melody, brilliance, transparency and movement.


Our design approach considers a link with nature and above all – the UAE as one of the main factors in creating an intimate link for the well-being of habitats. The presence of water greatly affects our daily life and creates a healthy environment for a lasting effect.

"Water is imbued with all colors, flavors, smells."
Gaston Bachelard